Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Crimson Electronics and Tocaro Loudspeakers in Los Angeles!

Tocaro 40 Loudspeakers with Crimson 710 Preamp and 640E-III Amplifiers plus a Linn LP-12! (Click the picture to see it larger!)

Until now, if you wanted to hear a pair of Tocaro Loudspeakers, you had to go to the Austin Hifi Headquarters in Austin, Texas. So we're pleased to announce that you can now hear the whole Tocaro Loudspeaker/Crimson Electronics shebang in Los Angeles, California.

So c'mon over and have a listen! Just call us at (512) 236-9100 or email: and let us know you'd like to come by.


  1. These hi-fi speakers looks impressive. I hope they sound as good as their looks.

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