Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Space Collective

(view of gallery at Space Collective. Click to enlarge.)

(view of gallery at Space Collective. Click to enlarge.)

Space Collective is (in its own words) "Where forward-thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction today."

Got it? Not quite? That's okay, because Space Collective is pretty hard to describe. It's got essays, articles, videos and artwork, which is all "curated" by Space Collective members (the collective has a lot of "found" content.)

I particularly like the "projects" section which features a number of projects conducted by universities, architecture and design schools. Some projects are public and some by invite only.

It's a fantastic site to get lost in. Give it a go.

(via But does it float.)

Bing says we don't exist.

The Austin Hifi Blog is hosted by Google's Blogger service, so it's no surprise that Google can find the blog in a jiffy. We thought we'd see how easily Microsoft's Bing search engine can find The Austin Hifi Blog.

It seems that Bing can't find it at all. We tried several combinations of search terms, but no go. Bing can't even find The Austin Hifi Blog when we enter the url in the search window. Is it possible that Google and Bing have such incredibly different search algorithms, or is there some skewing going on?

And by the way, Yahoo can't find The Austin Hifi Blog either. Hmm.

edit: to be fair, Bing now says we exist.