Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rejection letter from Museum of Modern Art to Andy Warhol.

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I think this is a great commentary on the way things change as well as the way things never change.

Story here.

via PAPERMAG via This Isn't Happiness

Monday, April 9, 2012

Ram Jam 2012 - April 13 & 14 @ Boneshakers in San Antonio


This Friday and Saturday, it'll be time to drive down to San Antonio, strap on a guitar and play the Ram Jam at Boneshakers. Ram Jam is a tribute to the late, great Ramiro Ayala who passed away in 2005. Ram was the owner of San Antonio's legendary Tacoland music venue that often hosted (and embraced) weird, loud and sometimes obscene musical acts. You could say and do just about anything at Tacoland (and many did!)

You can read the NPR story about Tacoland here.

We miss you, Ram!