Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bahnhof ISP in Stockholm, where Wikileaks is currently being hosted in a cold-war era nuclear bomb shelter 30 meters underground.

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edit: It looks like the photographer has taken down the 360 degree panoramas. Seems like there was too much traffic and the images became too expensive to host. I'm going to leave this post up anyway, in case the panoramas are restored. And anyway, the pictures are still interesting.

Here are some pictures of the Bahnhof ISP in Stockholm.

According to the Wikipedia page: Bahnhof is a Swedish Internet service provider founded in 1994 by Oscar Swartz in Uppsala and was the first independent ISP in Sweden. Today the company is represented in Stockholm, Göteborg, Uppsala, Borlänge, and Lund.

Whatever. The cool thing is that there are some pretty amazing 360-degree panoramas of the Bahnhof facility here.
Make sure you view the panoramas in fullscreen mode by clicking "full" at the bottom of each image.

Thanks again, Reddit!