Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The JBL D44000 Paragon

(This is an archived post from our old blog.)

Paragon image © Harman International
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How about a standing ovation for the folks who created the Lansing Heritage Website?

They've got a ton of great stuff, including this bit about the Voice of the Theatre range.

One of the most fascinating speakers around is the JBL D44000 Paragon

Here's a quote from the Lansing Heritage Website about the Paragon:

A little known fact is that the Paragon was originally envisaged as a center channel speaker to be flanked by separate left and right speakers that would be similar in configuration to the Hartsfield. This was related to research conducted in the 1930's by Bell Labs that purported the most stable stereo image was achieved with a center channel speaker. However the cost and space requirements for such a system would be prohibitive and the concept was revised to be a standalone stereo system.

I always think that the final nail in the coffin of three-channel stereo was the popularity of the LP. But anyone who sells speakers will tell you that three are better than two.

I really suggest reading the whole article.

Okay, again, I realize it's a bit off-topic for us, but the über-cool photo pushed me over the edge. Who doesn't want a tan Barcelona chair on a fuzzy white carpet?

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